Ultralight minimalist phone


I recently discovered the term „dumbphones“ and thought of sharing this comeback of old non-smartphones with you as I am a big fan of minimalism and simplicity.

Dumbphones are made for just one thing – making calls and taking calls.

Ideologically they try to disconnect you from the digital society at least for certain periods of time.

In my opinion this might be a good solution for small trips, workouts and adventures where you want to minimize distractions as much as you can.


The Lightphone

Today we take a look at the Lightphone because I really like the design.

I mean I have a backupphone which I use only for calling but compared to the lightphone it is kind of ugly and bulky.

How does it work?

The Lightphone can be connected to your smartphone which you left at home and receives its calls on the way. It is not meant to be a standalone phone but it could be one since it has its own simcard.


The creditcard-size and weight of just 38,5 gramms make it just perfect for ultralight trips or as a minimalist gadget and backupphone when your smartphone runs out of life.

Here are the specs:


Whats the price?

With a price of 100$ it is kind of expensive comparing to other dumbphones.

On modernizing the design of a simple phone this might be ok for you if you are really interested in such things.

If you only focus on the tech, it might be not worth the money to you.


The Lightphone isn’t available yet as it is on Kickstarter at the moment.

The campaign still runs for 33 days.

Maybe I can get one for testing in the future.

Link to Kickstarter

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