Minimalist travel (short-term)


The following gear-setup is made for travelling light on a short-term basis in warm climates.

I myself use it for weekends or sometimes even longer in summer in europe.

Actually to visit friends or join events in other cities where no special dresscode is required.

Actually I think, one could also travel longer with this gearlist, but I didn’t try long-term till yet.


Biggest benefit

Due to the size it comes very handy at crowded places and where low profile is an advantage.


Living out of a 6l Bag

All the gear I bring for travelling short-term fits nicely in my 6l bike-backpack.

The clothes are highly stripped down to the essentials and are as functional as possible, yet fashionable enough for everyday use.


Lets start with what I wear most of the time.

I wear merino wool underpants, socks and a shirt which is a mix of merino wool and polyester (brands: quechua, woolpower). Those pieces don’t really smell if you would wear them a few days and they are quickdrying. I usally wear those for two days before switching to my second set.



I often wear a fleece buff in addition to the shirt.
In this case it is kind of a functional fashion item. It is one of my favourite pieces of gear and has several uses. Often I even use it as a single towel on backpacking trips.




Most of the time and when it’s not too hot I wear a longsleeved polycotton dressshirt.
I really like those because they fit for every ocassion and give you a fancy look which is perfect if you attend bars, restaurants or other events.



I actually wear black bathing trunks. Due to the cargo pockets and the soft fabric they look quite casual and nobody would ever notice what they are made for. They fit for every activity and dry pretty quick.



For footwear I mostly wear non-waterproof black Kalenji trailrunning shoes.
I almost wear them every day in the city and on back- or bikepacking trips.
They are inexpensive, fit every activity and hold up well.


Inside pockets

The only things I wear in my pockets are my Smartphone, a small textile handkerchief (this also came very handy on almost every trip, never thought I would use such grandpa-items) and my tobacco stuff.


Whats in the Backpack?


First off, what I really like about the backpack is that it has several compartments and opens up like a suitcase, this way you can perfectly organize your gear.

In the zippered outerpocket at the top I wear my wallet, when I feel unsafe I wear it in my pants or more secure inside the backpack.


The first compartment is perfect for organizing small items

EDC toolkit (incl. phonecharger), bike cap, headphones, tic tacs (freshness without aspartam!), keys



(Updated EDC toolkit with MYOG mini phonecharger)


In the maincompartment I carry the following Items

• set of extra underwear (rolled to a small piece)

• windjacket by Crivit (100g)

• rainjacket by Quechua (180g)

• random 500ml plastic waterbottle

• small microfiber towel (for places where no real towel is available)

• hygiene kit

• fleece by Quechua (173g or 235g)



Depending on the temperature I switch between Forclaz 20 and 50 fleece by Quechua.



The hygiene kit is also stripped down in size. It includes a small first aid kit and some emergency toiletpaper. Actually it is not that essential but i like the small unit of the TP.

The dropper bottle is filled with Dr. Bronners universal soap, with that I am also able to wash my clothes in the sink. As they are quickdrying I usally can wear them on the next day. With this technique you obviously could go on for weeks.



I also use a single lense of broken sunglasses as a mirror which is quite convenient. Because of the shape you actually can see your whole upper body in that small thing.


Here is the full overview


List + Links

• set of extra underwear (rolled to a small piece)

>>>  merinomix shirt

>>> merino boxers (model not available at Quechua anymore)

>>> merino socks or synthetic socks

windjacket by Crivit (100g)

rainjacket by Quechua (180g)

• random 500ml plastic waterbottle

• small microfiber towel (for places where no real towel is available)

• hygiene kit

• fleece by Quechua (173g or 235g)

EDC toolkit (incl. phonecharger)

• bike cap

• headphones

• tic tacs (freshness without aspartam!)

• keys (incl. Biketool with some bits, actually no need for travelling but its edc-gear)

Hydrationbackpack 500 by B’TWIN 6l

Kalenji trailrunning shoes

• (energy bars)

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