I love Laufbursche

As you know, I am a big fan of Laufbursche Gear and a friend of Mateusz, the founder of Laufbursche.

Unfortunatly he is suffering from cancer and is in therapy know. They already hat to ampute one lower leg because of embolism. As you can imagine this is a lot harder for somebody whose biggest passion is hiking. Hopefully he will make it through the therapy and gets a good prothesis so that he can walk and hike again.

As you can imagine it is quite hard to hold his company alive because he can’t manufacture backpacks at the moment. For this reason it would be very helpful to donate for mateusz to help him to cover the expenses because he does not get any money from the state as an entrepreneur.

As I did a training at Laufbursche a while ago during my studies, I have to say that he is in my opinion the best employer I’ve ever met. It was a lot of fun to work with him and I never expierenced that somebody puts so much care in ones products like him.


Please help to keep up the good work and an honourable man.


Here’s the link to the donation-website:


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