Minimalist Hygiene Kit

Hey folks, today I want to show you my minimalist hygiene kit which I use to carry while travelling.

As always, it’s pretty much stripped down to the essentials. I actually keep it so small that you won’t mind to throw it in your bag or even your pocket for „just in case events“ like staying at a friends place or spontanous couchsurfing short trips. Of course I use it on Back- or Bikepacking trips too.

Ok, let’s take a look.


As you can see, it is basically a mens hygiene kit, which is certainly easier to minimize than one for womens I think, but it might be a good basis.


Contents (left to right)

• empty box of effervescent tablets

• sawn off plastic toothbrush (4 gramms, in Germany you get those at the dentist)

• small dropper bottle with Dr. Bronners universal soap

• Ajona toothpaste concentrate

• small container with Natron/bicarb soda („deodorant“)

• head of a plastic shaver

• cap of the box, trimmed down


This is what I personally need for hygiene while travelling.


Additional information:

• I don’t bring a towel because you usually can get one where you stay.

Actually you could do the same with the soap, but since Dr. Bronners is so universal that I could wash myself and my clothes in a river with that, I never go without it.

• Natron/bicarb soda is a great spacesaving and healthy replacement for deodorant because it neutralizes odor. Just put a bit on your hands, rub it with water til it is solved and cover your armpits. Done. Works instantly!

In addition to this, Natron/bicarb soda has hundrets of uses due to its deacidifying property. For example, you can also use it on bug bites or pyrosis.

I personally often add a small bottle of hairspray to the kit, if I don’t bring a cap.



The kit itself weighs 50g and in my opinion it has the capability to be part of an EDC.

If you could find some inspiration for your own minimalist hygiene kit or have some tips – let me know!

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