Laufbursche Packsack Plus

The new Laufbursche Packsack Plus

Finally I got one for testing!

Mateusz from Laufbursche send me a sample of the new Packsack Plus, so that I could test it on my last bikepacking trip.



Lets take a look at the specs:

– 30l (27l + 3l sidepockets)

– Size 26 / 15 / 55 cm

– fabric 210den DxG, black

– 280g + 15g hipbelt


– lidpocket

-2 sidepockets

– cordage for sidecompression

– internal elastics for optional backpadding (33g)

– detachable hip belt

– detachable and hight adjustable chest strap

– daisy chains at both shoulder straps

–  ergonomic shoulder straps with different padding depending on load bearing points

– max. carrying capacity 8Kg





The benefits of a frontloader

The concept differs from the usual packs which were toploaders.

This Pack features a big waterproof YKK frontzipper which demands a new style of packing if you are used to the burrito-style. The idea behind that is, that you always have access to every piece of your gear no matter on which level it is packed.


Packing skills

Clothing that you need during the day for example should be rather packed on top of your gear just below the zipper or at the toplevel. If you would pack them in the second layer between your gear it could affect the structure of the pack if you remove it, since gravity tries to close that hole.

Once you adapted to those rules the pack comes in very handy and I really love the fact to reach all parts of my gear.  It somehow gives you a reduced style of suitcase packing which I really like because it’s organized better.



It already comes with a backpanel but some of you maybe like to replace it with a few segments of a Thermarest Z-Lite or a foldet Evazote pad. I myself used the pad which was includet and placed my legs on top of the empty pack while sleeping since I used a small inflatable pad for my torso.

The shoulder straps are awsome, they consist of different padding areas which are fitted to the weight distribution. I really was surprised how nice they compensate the weight on your shoulders. I actually didnt felt the weight at all.


This is what I fit into the Packsack Plus (including tent, excl. cellfoam mat)

They grey cuben bag next to the Packsack is my down sleeping bag, I used to carry it at the top of the bag below the clothing. Due to the compressabillity of the down it always fills the empty space perfectly no matter if I wear or pack the clothing. That way the shape and design of the Packsack remains nicely.


packsack lite packsack plus

Difference to the Packsack Lite

Compared to the Packsack Lite, the main differences are that the Plus has additional sidepockets, a lidpocket and a more durable fabric. As I liked the puristic design of the Packsack Lite, I wasn’t sure if I would like the Plus.

I have to admit that especially those pockets are really the most convenient features you can add to a simple pack because they give exactly the functionallity you need for additional gear. If you have to carry waterbottles with the pack, sidepockets are just the most handy way to go.

In my case since I was on a Bikepacking trip, they did just fine with the gear I needed easy access to. (e.g. tools, map, sunglasses, cap, …)

Especially for longer sized items like tentpoles or my cycle pump I like to have a feature like this because those pieces are just better off in sidepockets than somewhere else in the pack.

The lidpocket again was perfect for my personal stuff like keys, wallet, camera etc.


Weight and durability

With 280 Gramms the Packsack Plus is a bit heavier than my old Laufbursche Huckepäckchen made of cubenfiber, thats obviously because of the fabric. Nevertheless this fabric makes the pack more durable which is not that bad since I see the cuben slightly fray. I think cuben is just perfect for tarps but not always for backpacks.

A buddy to enjoy every second of your trip with.

A well engineered Pack, which brings new Ideas to the ultralight market.

Functional and comfortable as it can be.

High quality from cologne/germany as usual.



The Packsack Plus is available for 169€ at

If you are looking for a cheaper solution you might think about sacrificing features and buy the Packsack Lite for 79€


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