Low Budget Ultralight Titanium Gas Stove

Note: upcoming articles will be written in english like this one. Maybe I will add a german/english translator.

Today I want to present you, the lightest titanium gas stove on earth, the BRS-3000T.

The combustion power is 2700W and it weighs only 26 grams.

The Stove is made in china and I got it for about 10€. As I did not find any posts pertaining to safety issues yet, I thought why not give it a try. Everybody seems fine with it.



There are a bunch of ways to boil water, so for what reason would you take a gas stove?


The pros are:

– it works also in winter times (unlike alcohol stoves where you need to keep the fuel warm)

– it is incredibly easy to use/does not need too much care

– it is fast and efficient (4-5min for 400ml boil at mediumflame)

– less susceptible to wind

– It is clean/burns without residues (unlike esbit or woodstoves)

The cons are:

– you always carry the weight of the canister

– the canisters could be hard to resupply

– you can’t fill canisters up, so you have to carry half filled or even multiple ones if you don’t want to buy a new one for the trip


I think it depends on the trip if a gas stove is the right choice for your setup. If you really want to go as light as possible or be sure of the resupply, an alcohol stove would fit much better.

But if you’re out in harsh winter conditions this is just the most efficient and easiest way to cook.


At the moment I am using the following setup for Freezerbagcooking

– BRS-3000T Titanium gas stove

– 100g gas canister (weighs about 200g filled)

– 400ml Evernew Titanium Cup EBY 265 (love the shape and size)

– aluminum foil as a windshield



The canister just fits perfectly into the cup. I am really satisfied with this solution at the moment. It is fast, compact and simple.


The BRS-3000T is rather made for small pots or cups, as it might not hold too much weight. The titanium alloy doesn’t seem to be made of highquality, and on mine I discovered small cracks at the bends of the arm-joints which I think is a result of too small bend radius. But nonetheless I think it won’t be an issue on just using small pots.


If you want to cook in pots larger than 600ml you maybe should go for a bigger stove.

I bought the stove on gearbest.com, the price differs – at the moment it is about 13€~14$ (free shipping).


Tip: Dry out your pot properly or the canister will start to rust when you transport them stacked into each other.

Conlusion: When it comes to simplicty, a gas stove is the way to go.

Links + Weights:

BRS-3000T – 26g (+bag 2g)

Evernew Titanium 400ml EBY 265 – 47g

100g Gas Canister – ca. 200g

Aluminum foil windscreen – 13g



3 Gedanken zu “Low Budget Ultralight Titanium Gas Stove

  1. Hallo Tobias,
    der Kocher geht ja gerade richtig rum in der Szene. Neben Bergreif und Trekking Trails, habe ich den Kocher jetzt auch mal unter die Lupe genommen.
    Für die Art und Weise wie Du unterwegs bist (kleiner Kocher und Titantasse) ist der BRS-3000T sicher eine echt gute, günstige und leichte Lösung.
    Kommentier gerne bei mir rein, wenn Du Langzeiterfahrung gesammelt hast, das interessiert mich auch:

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